Introduce gemstones and types of diamond.

Education Courses

Education includes gemology and diamonology courses.


Describe features of birth month and introduce the birthstone

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Introduce Agancies of Certificate in the world

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Cooperate whit Certificate.Jewelry every where you are.

Education Courses

Be Colorologist

This course graduate as Colorologist

Be Diamondologist

Graduate as Diamondologist

Be Gemologist

This course graduate as Gemmologist


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Graduate Gem , Jewelry , Diamond , Colorology !

Participate in education courses for 5 star graduation certificate

Gemmology Courses

Gemmology Courses

This course includes 10 session whith best masters

Jewelry Courses

Jewelry Courses

This course includes 5 session whith best masters

Diamond Courses

Diamond Courses

This Course includes 15 session whith best masters

Certificate Jewelry in Entire World

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