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✔️ ruby stone

Ruby is one of the most valuable gemstones, which is pink to blood-red in color and is made of different types of minerals. Other types of precious stones are called sapphires. Sapphire is a gemstone made with amethyst, sapphire, emerald and diamond. Diamonds are emeralds and sapphires, but rubies are the most expensive.

What is ruby stone ?

The root of the word ruby comes from ruber, red in Latin, which means red, but did you know that the word corundum (a type of crystal that includes sapphire and sapphire) comes from the Tamil word kuruntam meaning ruby. The color of ruby is due to the element chromium in it.

Some gemstones have been called rubies among the people or throughout history, such as the Black Prince ruby in the crown of the British royal state, when in fact they are spinels. These were once mistakenly known as “Balas rubies”.

Discovery of rubies

ruby stone is mentioned in the Bible as a stone of Aaron’s breastplate and in ancient Vedic texts from India as a powerful medicine. Before modern scientists looked deep into rubies and identified the chemicals and minerals that make them up, all the precious stones of ruby were considered red, including spinel, garnet, and tourmaline.

Ruby Meaning

ruby stone is the birthstone of July and is associated with the astronomical sign of cancer, crab. It can remove cancers from their shells and conquer their intense doubts and humility.Ruby fills its owner with power, self-esteem and confidence, this gem has always belonged to rulers and nobles. It invigorates the person who brings it with them and allows them to live life to the fullest and take advantage of every positive situation that arises.

According to legend, rubies can repel pests and diseases, warn of imminent death, and boil water if placed in pots. Warriors wore rubies as a talisman to become invincible, and Burmese warriors culminated by inserting rubies under their skin before battle!

Of course, the color of this stone is the color of love, affection, romance, gender and lust. ruby stone increases desire and energy, makes you enjoy the sensual pleasure of life and attracts a romantic partner. It strengthens the mind and helps to focus, and you are fully prepared for important meetings or discussions. It is so powerful that it can protect a person from normative and malicious forces, psychological attacks and bad dreams.


We have to divide the color of ruby stone into three parts, color, tone and saturation. The color determines how red the gemstone is, for example: We examine whether there are signs of yellow, blue or brown in the stone. But in general, the redder the better.

Its tone easily indicates whether the stone is light or dark. The idea stone is a stone that is solid but not too dark to block red but not too light to look pink.

So we check whether this gem has a clear color or strong or intense, because we do not want weak colors. Full-color ruby is described as pigeon blood red, usually made only in Myanmar (Burma).

Some rubies also have fluorescence, a phenomenon that causes them to glow in ultraviolet light, and some special specimens even appear to glow in the sun.

There are many ruby color charts and it can help but AA, red, pinkish reds, pigeon blood scores can be used as a guide but are a bit vague.


Sapphire is a type of corundum stone and is a crystalline form of aluminum oxide. Sapphire is also made of the same material. The only difference between the two is that sapphire is made of chromium and turns red despite small impurities, and sapphire with The presence of titanium or iron turns blue.

ruby stone is the red shape of corundum is different in the red spectrum. However, in the world of precious stones, we like to group, organize and classify things, so we have divided rubies into several types.

Burmese or Myanmar Rubies are held in the highest esteem with the most vibrant reds and the fewest blemishes or inclusions.Thai rubies are famous after Burmese or Myanmar rubies.

Thai rubies are of exceptional quality with completely darker colors, brown and crimson.

Madagascar ruby is completely new and has stones in orange and pink colors.

Tanzanian rubies are known for having very small gemstones that are slightly smaller and more affordable than their well-known competitors.

Mozambique produces a lot of rubies and is famous for its star rubies.


Just like color charts, there are guidelines for ruby transparency that grade them up to 8 points with marks like AA.

A ruby can have a lot of gaps, so its sharpness is compromised, but the rest of the stone is transparent or clear, so you can see it directly through the gemstone. Transparency is like clarity ruby. Others may be semi-transparent or translucent, meaning that objects seen through the ruby stone are blurred or blurred.

The value of rubies depends on whether these lnusions are very visible to the naked eye or prevent the gem from being transparent or shiny. Large seams or cracks that reach the surface of the gemstone affect the durability of the stone and its value to the extent Significantly reduce. Sometimes, a bit like emeralds, the components can enhance the charm of the gemstone. Rutile silk cross needles can create a stellar effect that is very noticeable and other needles, which can be filled with liquid or gas, can scatter light in the gem and create beautiful effects on its color.


Ruby (Manikya) is a rare and very popular gemstone. The best ruby gemstone shows the balance in color saturation and its compatibility with minimal pollution.

        Color – Of all the quality factors, ruby color has the greatest impact on the overall value of ruby. Dark red gemstones, but perfectly balanced and consistent with color, are more desirable. Pigeon blood color is the most popular ruby color, but it is very rare and can cost millions of dollars for a high quality piece.

        Origin – Burmese ruby or old Burmese ruby is the most popular source of ruby due to its saturated color and luminous consistency. However, the discovery of new ruby mines in Africa and Asia has expanded the range of choice for customers by offering new varieties such as Mozambican ruby, Thai ruby and Afghan ruby.

        Transparency – The transparency of a ruby is judged by the number, size, location, and angle of the natural defect or component in the manic gemstone. Most rubies are hardly or strongly contained in visible components. Ruby with full transparency or visible components with the naked eye is very rare and undoubtedly expensive.

Is Ruby more expensive than Diamond ?

ruby stone is very rare, significantly rarer than diamonds, and yet diamonds can often fetch similar prices up to $ 10,000 per carat. This is because the supply of diamonds is very precisely controlled – only a small number of quality gems are released annually – and the demand for these diamonds is well reduced by a marketing campaign.

Rubies and Diamonds Although very rare, the price per carat is quite similar, much larger rubies can increase their price over the competition – but colored diamonds are totally different!

Ruby Prices

The price of ruby varies greatly, even in the same variety, due to several quality factors. Origin, color, sharpness and uniqueness are very influential in the price of ruby. The price of ruby stone in India can be between 450 and 2 lek ($ 12 to 1600) per carat, even higher. It is important to know that the price of precious stones in India is calculated in both karate and rati. The price of rubies for each rat will always be equal to the price of rubies for each carat.

1 rati = .91 carats.





        Carat Weight


Ruby Price List :

        Color  Weight range Price range / USD

        Fracture filled   1ct +   $15 – $80/ct

        Heat only           1ct +   $250 – $10,000/ct

        Untreated          1ct +   $2,000 – $20,000/ct

Ruby is a very expensive gemstone so cutters do not tend to waste any material when cutting. This will affect how the gem is cut. Rubies come in all shapes and sizes, but round and oval cuts are very popular because they give the color red and shine.

Rubies that are simply heat treated to achieve the best color and clarity will be invaluable, while broken rubies will be significantly cheaper. Ruby treatment will dramatically affect the price. Gives. Large unrefined rubies with a clear color are almost worthless, and any untreated ruby gemstone with a good color is very expensive.

Whenever you cut a ruby stone (the one who cuts the gemstone) you need to color, paint and saturate the rough stone and how to maximize good roughness and minimize weak parts – any flat color, dark spots Or consider stains.

In addition, sapphire is a pellucroic stone meaning that it can display two colors depending on the angle at which it is viewed. The stone can look deep red from one angle and slightly orange from the other, the cut taking more value from being red or dominant.

Finally we have the size of a carat or the weight of a ruby. Rubies over 1 carat are actually very rare, and as their size increases, so does their value. 2-carat ruby is much more expensive than twice the price of a 1-carat ruby gem, and 5-carat ruby is probably 25 times the price of a 1-carat gemstone, everything is equal in color and quality.

Ruby Benefits

        Better Paternal Relationships– In astrology, San Vedic is known as the father character, known to have an impact on paternal relationships. Manik ratan is also believed to be beneficial for fathers and can therefore improve his weakened condition.

        Improved Financial and Social Status– One of the many benefits of using ruby is that it improves financial and social status. Manic stone benefits the wearer not only by raising the financial situation but also by maintaining its luxurious lifestyle.

        Professional and Academic Success– Ruby is useful for people who work in jobs where authority is very important: administrative services, politics, diplomacy and other leadership roles. It is also recommended that rubies be worn by students preparing for state or central service exams.

        Rejuvenated Health– The sun is considered the karaka of bones, eyes and heart. Restoring vitality, improving blood circulation and vision are the health benefits of Manikya gemstone. In addition, the ruby gemstone is also useful for people who are struggling with self-esteem problems. Ruby changes and redirects the user’s emotional intelligence, has a positive effect on self-confidence.

Ruby astrology :


        Vedic Rashi:Leo

        Western Sun Sign:Leo

        Suitable Ascendants:Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius & Pisces

Health Benefits of Ruby

How to use gemstones for spiritual or health benefits? Of course, wearing a gemstone as a gem is the easiest way for crystals to affect your body. Certain stones and colors are associated with different parts of the body, for example ruby and spinel, tourmaline, jasmine, blood flow through the body and everything from blood pressure to heart strength. Because it is the root chakra stone, it affects the stomach, back and digestive system. Sexual problems, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal problems and impotence can be reduced with this powerful crystal. So a pendant can be ideal.

Another way is that they can be placed in your bag or pocket and used as a touchstone during the day. Easiest, just put ruby crystals on your body and lie down, lined up with chakra points if possible. Put them in the bath (check that certain stones do not penetrate water). Decorate your home with crystals this way it helps you relax, so keep them in the living room or sitting room. You can also keep them on your desk because some crystals increase the work.

How is Ruby formed ?

The colored gems in Greenland are almost identical to those found in Myanmar and are mined ethically and responsibly. These precious stones are cut from hard rock collected from sediments and can be a very interesting source for this precious gem in the future.

ruby stone is a dense mineral made of aluminum and oxygen atoms called corundum, which has been under intense pressure and heat below the earth’s surface for millions of years. Heat and pressure convert this mineral into a liquid that cracks in igneous or metamorphic rocks. As the liquid cools, it usually turns into colorless crystals. However, small traces (often up to 1%) of other minerals can change the bond from colorless to red, pink, yellow and blue. If the rare mineral is chromium, it turns red and gives us ruby; if the trace element is iron and titanium, sapphire is blue.

Treated Rubies

All gemstones are treated in such a way that when rough stones are extracted from the ground, they must be cut and polished to show their beauty. However, there are other treatments that may enhance their appearance, such as color enhancement, heating, staining, resin and wax, lubrication, or any use of chemicals. Opinions may differ on the efficacy and ethics of such treatment, but no doubt all information must be made available to the buyer.

Untreated rubies that are acceptable enough to sell are so rare and valuable that they are estimated to make up only 1% of the worldwide ruby market. If not all rubies are treated, 99% of all rubies will disappear, you will probably never see them in your lifetime!

What is the treatment process on ruby ?

It is the most common and effective method of old heat treatment. Rubies were typically placed in a crucible and heated to very high temperatures, dissolving excess compounds to improve sharpness. Red also improves dramatically. Today, a similar process is practiced in temperature control furnaces, although the old methods are still practiced in the foothill villages around South and Southeast Asia.

This traditional heat treatment of precious stones is accepted all over the world and it is interesting that nothing but heat is added to the ruby and it is the natural properties of the precious stone that create the final transparency and color.

Then we have more controversial treatments. For example, heat treatment with increasing flux, in which additional materials during the heating process including borax or silica are included. These extra materials can fill the pores of the ruby and make the fractures clearer, healing the stone. This treatment increases a sapphire but reduces its price as it is a filler.

Glass-filled or refractory rubies

Glass-filled or refractory rubies are of lower quality, and many cracks are bleached and then heated with lead glass at low temperatures, then the glass fills the gaps and eventually produces a clear ruby. This type of ruby fills the need for regular supply of precious stones at a very affordable price in the world market.

Ruby in jewelry

ruby stone has a grade of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, and this feature puts it in the diamond row. This hardness means that rubies can be used for any type of jewelry and can be used every day without worrying about being crushed, scratched or cracked. Rubies with their impressive beauty and excellent value are a perfect competitor for diamonds, whose high quality is on the Mohs scale and has a score of 10.

Rubies can be cut into almost any shape you want, so their only limitations are your budget and imagination. The most common shapes are oval and cushion, but the cuts shape the gemstones to maximize the shine and color of the stone, so any shape is possible. One thing to consider is the type of alloy that matches your ruby gemstone. For a stylish and modern look, white gold is a great choice, but if you are looking for a classic and vintage look, choose rose or yellow gold.

Sapphires are very rare in very large carat sizes, so it is unlikely that a large central piece will be cut. Sapphire is slightly smaller, so a clean, minimal setting may be the way to allow the ruby itself to be a star.

Who is ruby suitable for ?

Communication with the Sun turns the ruby into Rajratna or “King of Jewels”. Depending on the location of the sun in the horoscope, the use of ruby gemstone can improve the job status, health, mood and social status of the person and his children, you can use ruby jewels.

        Metal Gold is highly recommended. Alternatively, panchdhatu, silver or white gold can also be used.

        Finger Ring finger of the working hand.

        Day & Time    Sunday, morning time is best.

        Color  Pigeon blood red ruby or deep pink color ruby is most effective, otherwise original, untreated, rubies with lighter hues can also be worn.

        Carat Weight Minimum 1/12th of the body weight. E.g. a person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 5-carat ruby.

Rubies in the Himalayas

Fifty million years ago, the Indian subcontinent collided with Asia, creating the Himalayas. In this mountain range, high pressure as well as a mixture of minerals from two land masses led to the formation of rubies. You can follow the Himalayan line from Pakistan to the foothills of Myanmar, if you look closely at Asian sapphire mining sites.

Identify the original ruby

Like all gemstones, there is a temptation for unscrupulous sellers to try to take artificial stones or fake stones as real things, and this is no different for rubies.

When checking the accuracy of your ruby, we must first check three. What is the first? Is natural ruby, artificial ruby or imitation ruby? This information is easily disclosed as long as the seller is honest.

If ruby stone is labeled, we can look at a few. The first components, rubies grown deep in the earth’s crust, crushed, displaced so will be defective. These defects may be visible only when magnified, but if it is a flawless gemstone, you can look at it as a synthetic jewel or even a piece of glass.

Rubies are very hard, only diamonds are among the most well-known gemstones, which is the hardest, so it can not be scratched with a knife, key or fingernail. If it is easily scratched, it is not a ruby. Consult the owner before doing this!

Some imitation rubies are as simple as stained glass or stained crystals. Rub the possible ruby on a hard but smooth surface and see if there is a trace of red left. This indicates that the gem in question is fake.

Price as a guide ruby or any gemstone is rare, so the price should reflect this. If you see a clear example of this, it is probably not true, so avoid buying as well as “trading”.

Obviously, buying a reputable gemstone from a reputable seller is the best way, but this is not always possible. With the high price of rubies, we strongly recommend that you obtain a certification report before purchasing, unless the stone is from a reputable seller with a return guarantee.

Ruby as a gift

Ruby is a traditional gemstone gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversary. On this special day, you can show your love more clearly by giving a ruby as a gift. Maybe an offer of eternal love for the 15th anniversary and a thank you for enduring me all these years! It is also the birthstone of July, the hot summer month, so a ruby is an ideal gift for a person born this month.

✔️ ruby stone

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