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What is Goldstone ?

Goldstone is a glossy man-made colored glass that contains many components, smooth, face and highly reflective. The final product is polished and polished into beads, sculptures or other artifacts suitable for semi-precious stones, and in fact Goldstone is often mistaken or misrepresented as a natural material. Reflective components have a shiny metallic sheen and their shiny appearance immediately attracts attention. Its exciting appearance has made Goldstone a popular gemstone and sculptural material. It is usually cut into cabochons, hearts, beads, spheres, pendulums, arrowheads and small sculptures. Goldstone is a popular material for making cast stones.

Goldstone is known as the "ambition" stone, this stone is associated with strengthening your motivation and confidence, the basic mentality to pave the way for the realization of all your dreams, regardless of whether you are crazy or savage. Goldstone crystal is a stone It is special that it takes its shiny appearance from quartz and sand glass injected with copper particles, and gives it a shiny effect. Goldstone shows us how to turn on our inner light and joy.

Goldstone is produced in various colors. Goldstone is produced in reddish brown, dark green, dark blue and dark purple colors. Reddish brown is the main color, the least expensive and most common type of goldstone.

Goldstone crystals are often included with other stones in restorative bracelets and necklaces, making them a great way for continuous access to the ground and its protective healing properties. Nowadays, Goldstone looks more dazzling in making beaded jewelry.

Goldstone History

The oldest goldstone-like material is an amulet excavated in Iran and dates from the 12th to the early 13th century. Goldstone is full of mysteries and legends that can be found in the Miotti family of Venice in the seventeenth century. The Italian glass family perfected the technique of making a special type of refined glass and began producing goldstone. There is another legend that traces Goldstone's origins to the Middle Ages and the ambiguous monastic order and calls it Monk's Gold. The Miotti family kept their technique secret for hundreds of years until a glassmaker in Italy, Pietro Bigaglia, introduced it into the mainstream in the 19th century.

Decades after the start of production in Italy, Chinese glassmakers were also making items made of this glass. Today, most of Goldstone, which is sold as a gemstone, is made in China.

Goldstone Meaning

Sometimes we think that crystal healing is related to natural minerals. However, over time, Goldstone has acquired various symbols and meanings and is now recognized as a substance with strong metaphysical properties.

Goldstone is believed to provide comfort even in times of stress. It is believed that this stone highlights ambition and helps people to be determined and strive for their goals. Goldstone helps you have energy and motivation. Bluestone is believed to be soothing and helps those who are under stress. Its blue color is especially known as a stress reliever.

Holding a goldstone is thought to help a person adjust to their body's needs. Goldstone is known to attract negative thoughts and feelings.

Goldstone Color

Goldstone's glamorous appearance is often attributed to the addition of "bits of copper" or "copper filings", which is a completely incorrect description.

The reddish-brown goldstone is formed by heating the molten glass to a temperature that is hot enough to dissolve the copper oxide granules added to the melt. After the copper oxide is completely dissolved, the melt cools very slowly. This slow cooling causes the copper ions to turn into octagonal copper crystals during melting. The slower the cooling rate, the larger the copper crystals.

 When bright light shines on the surface of Goldstone, the triangular shapes of octagonal copper crystals reflect light from different depths below the polished surface of clear glass. The largest triangular crystalline face seen in this view is about 0.1 mm from top to bottom.

The shiny metallic luster of these copper crystals is what makes Goldstone shine. An octagonal crystal has eight triangular faces. In fact, Goldstone is a colorless reddish brown. Its reddish-brown appearance is caused by reflections in existing copper crystals. Goldstone, blue, green, and purple are made using compounds other than copper. The color of these gold stones is due to the color of the glass instead of the color of the reflections from the metal crystals. The color of the glass is blue gold due to cobalt, green due to chrome and purple due to manganese.

Reflections of metal crystals inside Goldstone attract attention and give Goldstone its brilliant charm. The bright appearance of the reflections is intensified in three ways:

·        When Goldstone moves under the light.

·        When transmitting a light source

·        When the observer's eye moves.

Goldstone Value

Goldstone is generally very affordable and you can find many gold jewelry at a reasonable price. However, making goldstone is a difficult process, and it is important to keep in mind that not all goldstone pieces that come out of the lab are suitable for making jewelry.

High-quality Goldstone parts and pairing with high-quality settings can sell for hundreds of dollars. Many variables, including brand, other materials used, and piece age, affect the final price. Like synthetic diamonds, good quality goldstone is of relative value.

Goldstone Price

Goldstone is widely available as a "gemstone" jewelry. As mentioned, the price of Goldstone alone may be less than $ 20, but it may be more expensive if paired with jewelry. For example, if goldstone is placed in gold metal, it can cost up to several hundred dollars.

Goldstone Production

As mentioned in the legends, the production of Goldstone began in the seventeenth century by the Miotti family who succeeded in obtaining the exclusive license of Doge. But there is no evidence to support this. Because a Goldstone amulet from Iran in the 12th to 13th century in the University of Pennsylvania complex shows that other ancient craftsmen were able to create these materials.

The most common form of goldstone is a reddish brown, which contains tiny crystals of metallic copper that require special conditions for proper formation. In this silica, copper oxide and other metal oxides are melted to convert copper ions into chemical elements. Then, the pit is closed from the air and kept in a limited temperature range. This allows metal crystals to precipitate from the solution without melting or oxidizing.

After a period of proper crystallization it becomes a single solid mass. The final appearance is very variable and heterogeneous. The best material is near the center or "heart" of the mass, ideally a translucent glass matrix containing large glowing metal crystals.

Goldstone Variety

Goldstone is also available in a variety of colors based on the constituent elements. As a substitute for copper, goldstone may contain cobalt or manganese. In these cases, the resulting crystals have a more silvery appearance and are in a color matrix of the ionic color they contain, resulting in a blue or purple goldstone.

In green goldstone, chromium aventurine forms its reflective particles. Non-copper goldstone is easier to reheat due to reduced higher melting points of manganese and cobalt. But let us briefly review them:

·        Reddish-Brownish Goldstone – The Goldstone that contains copper inclusions.

·        Blue Goldstone – The Goldstone that contains cobalt, Instead of copper.

·        Purple Goldstone – The Goldstone that contains cobalt with manganese .

·        Green Goldstone – The Goldstone that contains Chromium.

Goldstone Healing

Goldstone Crystal means that sometimes you have to calm your mind to find yourself. Goldstone Crystal is a powerful and protective fighting stone, which is essential and helps you in those moments when you are immersed in toxic emotions and negative thinking patterns. No matter what chaos is going on in your head, hold Goldstone by your side. With a goldstone in each hand, you feel its healing power even more, which helps balance the chakras and restores harmony to the body and soul. Keep the fire of your heart burning for a long time with the glowing glow of Goldstone.

Goldstone also helps restore balance and harmony to the sacral chakra, the energy center that contains your deepest emotions. Goldstone crystal awakens creativity and emotion. Goldstone is like a powerful cocktail to boost your creative energy, combined with other golden and orange beam power stones such as Carnelian, Tiger’s Eye, Amber and Orange Calcite.

Goldstone in Jewelry

Due to its beauty and efficiency, Goldstone is widely used in jewelry. This stone is easily carved, polished and shaped into any design, and these properties make it a completely diverse material for jewelry.

Goldstone is often found in beaded bracelets and necklaces, or in the form of natural, boho-style jewelry. Goldstone can look stunning and suitable for any occasion when paired with high quality settings.

The variegated goldstone corresponds to the silver metals, and the gold metals match the reddish-brown goldstone, because the two colors are perfectly complementary. Blue, purple and green Goldstones look great with silver metals, although gold makes for great charm.

Many people who believe in the metaphysical properties of goldstone like to keep goldstone in their homes in strategically rough areas. Because Goldstone is so affordable, it is a great gem to add to your jewelry collection at no high cost.

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