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What is Howlite ?

Howlite is a borate mineral. This stone may be known as an imitation gemstone because it can be painted with different colors and looks like semi-precious gemstones such as turquoise and coral. Howlite is often inexpensive, but it has many features that make it a popular gemstone in jewelry.

This stone has very useful metaphysical properties that help you Howlite energy can calm both you and the other person when you are dealing with warriors or aggressive people.

Howlite may also increase your patience with what is happening. If you have trouble sleeping, put a piece of Howlite under your pillow because it is known to relieve insomnia. This stone is useful for meditation and research on past life.

Howlite stone has a soothing and loving energy that helps reduce stress, and can help calm anger and mood swings.

Howlite Properties :

·        Hardness:       3.5 on the Mohs scale

·        Crystal Structure:       Monoclinic, prismatic

·        Color: Milky white or grey, often dispersed with dark-brown or black veins

·        Transparency: Opaque

·        Double Refraction or Birefringence: 0.019

·        Luster: Sub-vitreous

·        Fluorescence: Brownish-yellow

Howlite History

Henry How was the man who discovered the stone in Nova Scotia in 1868, hence the name Howlite. Henry How named the mineral “silico-boro-calcite”, but later it was given the name Howlite by James Dwight Dana, an American geologist and mineralogist. Henry How was a Canadian chemist, geologist, and miner who was told by gypsum miners that this previously unknown mineral was difficult to extract because it was harder than gypsum. Howlite is a mineral found in Canada and parts of the United States. Howlite forms irregular nodules that can also appear as cauliflower heads. Clear Howlite crystals are very rare and very small. The largest Howlite crystals are 1 cm long, but nodules can appear even in masses over 50 kg. Howlite has almost the appearance of white marble or porcelain with a glass finish. It is a matte, white or gray stone with veins passing through it in gray, black or dark brown. Howlite High quality gemstones are dispersed by a darker matrix that appears as veins, or it can be without matrix and pure white. Howlite is usually known for imitating other gemstones. Due to its porous nature, Howlite can often absorb color well, meaning it can be sold in turquoise, red coral or even azure. However, honest gemstone traders always announce their treatment to the customer.

Howlite Sources

Although Howlite was discovered in Canada, most Howlite is currently mined in California and Los Angeles, USA. Howlite mines have also been found in Turkey, Germany, Mexico and Russia. So far, however, slightly clear Howlite crystals have only been found in two places; Tick Canyon, California and Iona, Nova Scotia.

Howlite Color

Howlite is often seen in milky white or gray and interspersed with black or dark brown streaks. These veins are made of matrix or rock around it. Howlite can also be pure white, meaning that there is no matrix in the gemstone.

Howlite Clarity

Howlite is often opaque with a sub-vitreous (glimmering) luster. Howlite is also available in clear crystal form, but this is very rare.

Howlite Cut

Howlite is not suitable for veneers because it has an indistinct slit. Howlite can be cut into cabochon, fashioned into spheres, egg shapes, ovals, pear shapes or fancy shapes, including skulls. Howlite can be tumbled and perforated to create beautiful beads. Howlite is an attractive decorative stone and is often cut into globes or may be carved into fancy shapes such as animal ornaments.

Howlite Treatment

As mentioned, Howlite is completely porous and is often dyed to mimic other minerals, especially turquoise. However, Howlite is softer than turquoise. Due to the distinct streak, the Howlite in blue can be passed off as turquoise. This has caused Howlite to be mistakenly known as "white turquoise", "white buffalo turquoise" or "white buffalo stone. Even colored howlite is sold as" turquenite ". Howlite has also been dyed deep blue to simulate lapis lazuli, or red to imitate coral. Dyed howlite may be coated with resin, sealing its color and hardening the gemstone. Honest traders always announce the treatment. When howlite is sold as "howlite", it is typically untreated.

Howlite Care

Howlite is softer than many other gemstones, so it is easily scratched. Rough household chemical cleaners should be avoided as Howlite dissolves in hydrochloric acid. Dust removal can reduce the amount of unwanted varnish and scratches on the surface because regular dust often contains traces of quartz and Howlite is even softer than regular quartz. To clean Howlite, you can simply use soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to remove any soap residue. Not recommended for Howlite like most gemstones, cleaners and ultrasonic vapors. Always remove any jewelry or gemstones before exercising, cleaning, or doing strenuous physical activity, such as exercise, to prevent injury. Since Howlite is softer than many other gemstones, store it away from other gemstones to prevent scratches. It is best to wrap the gemstones in a soft cloth and place them inside the jewelry box with the cloth.

Howlite in Jewelry

Howlite is quite soft, but no decomposition means it is versatile. Gemstones form Howlite distinctive bolo ties, which are called "botlas tie". Howlite stones pierce the sphere and make attractive necklace and beaded bracelets. Howlite stones are also drilled smoothly and made into necklaces and bracelets. In addition, Howlite stones make fancy cuts or cabochon cuts create unique pendants.

They buy colored gemstones in terms of size, not carat weight. Colored stones vary in size and weight. Some stones are larger and others are smaller than diamonds by weight in comparison.

Howlite With Other Stones

If you have persistent problems controlling your anger and need more help, you can use other gems along with Howlite to control your anger.

Stones that work well for this purpose include Larimar, Rose Quartz, Black Obsidian and Augelite, which help you to let go of anger and calm down.

They can be used by placing them near the bed at night, and this may be useful for calming anger and helping to sleep better.

Crystal Healing Powers of Howlite

Howlite balances calcium levels as well as strengthens bones and teeth. It is said that this stone is sedative and can relieve insomnia, so some people put a piece of Howlite under their pillow for treating Insomnia and encouragement to sleep soundly. In Hindu belief systems, Howlite is considered in favor of the third eye chakra, and when placed on this chakra between the eyebrows, it is thought to bring back memories of a previous life. Howlite is a non-traditional stone for those born under the sign of the Gemini zodiac. Howlite is also believed to suppress anger and ward off negative energy.

When it comes to spiritual and emotional strength, Howlite is believed to increase awareness and patience. Howlite is a soothing stone and can help the consumer reduce his stress and anger levels as well as the anger towards him.

Visual characteristics of Howlite

Howlite looks like white marble with streaks of gray, black or brown streaks. Some forms of Howlite are pure white only. Howlite is a porous stone that absorbs color well, which is why it is commonly used to mimic other gemstones.

Some unscrupulous jewelry traders try to sell Howlite gemstones as more expensive and semi-precious gemstones (such as turquoise, coral, and azure) after it has been dyed, but there are ways to identify them.

Usually these "fake" gemstones look too perfect because the original gemstones tend to change their natural color. You can also sometimes describe or label a product as a substitute for the real thing.

In our opinion, Howlite gemstones should be appreciated instead of what some of them prefer - after all, they are beautiful in their own right!

Howlite as gift

Howlite is not a birthstone, however it is a valuable gift for those you love because Howlite helps its owner get rid of frustration, anger, pain and fear. Howlite is a beautiful white stone, reflecting the spiritual qualities of stillness, gentleness and open-mindedness. This stone makes you more confident in what is happening in your life and live in more peace. Howlite can help you easily reach your ultimate goal in whatever you do.


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