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Diamond Gemstone

Since ancient times, diamonds have been stunning and attractive to the whole world, from the Indian subcontinent to Iran and Europe and other parts of the world. Remarkable features of diamonds are excessive hardness, high refractive index, high thermal and electrical conductivity, astronomical luxury and beauty benefits. Diamond is "Heera" in Hindi, "Almaas" in Persian and Varjmani or Indramani in Sanskrit.

Diamonds are often found on the surface of the earth (in the earth's mantle) and are known as the purest product in mineralogy and gemology. Most known gemstones are composed of complex carbon silicates and some metal inclusions or impurities. But diamond gemstone is magnificent carbon allotropy. The highest quality diamonds are made from Brazil, South Africa and other African countries like Angola and Botswana, and Antwerp of Europe. The best and most effective diamond alternatives are White Sapphires, White Zircon, White Sphatik, White Turmali, etc. Diamond is a great gemstone for Venus related to Hrit Padma body chakra.

The Astrological benefits and effects of Diamonds

Diamonds are perfectly useful for people born in all twelve zodiac signs, but for Taurus, Libra, Libra, Aquarius and Aquarius are the most appropriate and supportive. Diamonds are useful for all members of society, including businessmen and traders, doctors, musicians, artists, culturists, etc.

The most notable Astrological benefits of diamond :

·        Diamonds enhance health and beauty, calmness of mind, general success, attraction of wealth, social fame, victory over rivals and enemies.

·        Diamonds are desirable for wealth, success in love, marriage and a happy life.

·        Diamonds enhance sexual strength and endurance and overall physical and mental health.

·        Diamonds are very useful for problems related to the eyes, throat, genitals, gastrointestinal tract, bladder or kidney stones, fear of natural forces and so on.

·        Diamonds are effective in defeating enemies and rivals and eliminating the fear of supernatural powers.

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