Jewelry programs are frequently offered at undergraduate or graduate arts schools, and at trade or professional schools. Read on to learn more about the courses offered in this field of study.
Jewelry courses can cover topics such as materials, fabrication techniques and design skills, including instruction in computer programs relevant to the field. Here is a list of common concepts taught in jewelry courses:
Tool usage
Metal work
History of jewelry

Some courses are specifically designed to provide continuing education for current jewelers and can lead to professional certifications.

List of Courses education jewelry:

Jewelry Course:
Students in an introductory jewelry course learn about the history of jewelry, fabrication techniques, design fundamentals and equipment use. Jewelry courses include classroom and studio instruction, and students frequently create their own jewelry pieces. Joining methods, metal working and finishing are also covered.

CAD and Drafting Course:
Students learn mechanical and computer-aided drafting techniques as they relate to jewelry design. This course teaches students how to create 2- and 3-dimensional drawings and models of their designs. Creating renderings in different formats may be covered.

Metals and Materials Course:
Students learn about metals, plastics and stones used in the creation of jewelry. Topics may include the properties of the materials and the techniques used in working with them, as well as identification of stones and other materials.

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