Colorology or Reading Colors

In the beginning, there was darkness and God said:
‘Let there be light’. From darkness arose Light,
giving life to the colors of the spectrum.

Colorology is a very interesting and newly science.
First people who developed the ‘science of colors’ were the Romany.
For centuries, they have had the knowledge of how certain colors affect human life and how to use them for different purposes.
Colors are a very important factor in spiritual development.
They are carriers of energy vibrations from which everything is composed and in that way they affect us on conscious and subconscious level mind. (Human aura, i.e.)
energy field, contains seven colors of the spectrum and they are connected with chakras or energy centers.
As every chakra is a center of a specific type of energy, every color carries a vibration of that specific energy.
The whole world is filled with colors, every tghings is composed of colors and we live among colors.
Colors are the inspiration and the tools of artists.
Colors are a gift of nature that with their shades brings joy to our lives. Colors are the reflection of the soul…

Colors can be used very successfully in various therapies because of their ability to influence on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Did you know that it is possible to give a complete psychic reading with colors?
Yes, it is! By seeing colors in a person’s aura, can clearly understand that person and his/her current situation in life.
It is also possible to find out why we like and dislike some colors.

Color reading science can be done in many different ways and they all function on the same rule, and that is the rule of the connection of a color vibration with a certain type of energy.
Maja uses the ‘ribbon reading’, which is a unique and interesting method.
A person randomly selects three ribbons of different color and based on them Maja gives a reading which includes interpretation of past, present and future influences on her/his life.
Also by drawing of one ribbon only, you can get advice or an answer to a specific question.