natural gem gemology gemstone jewelery certification artificial gemstone
gemology jewelery certification artificial gemstone

Gemology is the science of studying, cutting, and valuing precious stones, but the essence of gemology is in identifying the gemstones.
One who works in the field of gemology is called a gemologist, and jewelers and goldsmiths also may be gemologists.

Although there may be investors and collectors who are only interested in the monetary value of gems, they’ll need a scientific approach when the time comes to distinguish one gem from another.

It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy.

Jewelers and Goldsmiths

Jewelers need to understand gemology to answer their customers’ questions and identify any gems brought to them.
Goldsmiths (and other metalworkers) need specific knowledge about the physical characteristics of gems in order to create appropriate settings.
For example, a setting that would be ideal for a diamond could damage an opal, and the amount of pressure used to set the prongs on a garnet could break a tanzanite.
Some gems can withstand the heat of repair work involving high temperature soldering.
If metalworkers take precautions, they can leave them in their settings.
Other gemstones are so heat sensitive they would need to remove them.
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